Mortgage Renewal

Mortgage Renewal or Refinance – what do you know?

For many people, when they get their mortgage renewal in the mail, they cringe. They either don’t have time to deal with it or feel they […]
Grow your Real Estate business with social media

How to Grow your Real Estate Business through Social Media

It comes as a surprise to most people that I’m an introvert. For those of you who aren’t introverts, you simply can’t understand the energy it […]

What’s up with deeply discounted mortgage rates?

When considering a deeply discounted 5-year rate, keep in mind that cheapest isn’t always best. Strangely, we know that’s true when we’re shopping for anything else […]
Calgary Real Estate

What will be the fallout of low oil prices?

Oil is a major economic influence in Calgary, so the recent price drop is worrying. While we believe there may be some immediate term impact on […]

Forecasts say no move in rates until 3rd quarter 2015, at least!

In an interview this week, Stephen Poloz, the Bank of Canada Governor, said that, even if  employment growth strengthens, the central bank has scope to keep interest […]

What can we expect from new B-21 Guidelines for Lenders?

This past April, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OFSI) released the draft guidelines for Residential Mortgage Insurance Underwriting Practices and Procedures; or more […]

Why should you consider a reverse mortgage?

Most of my friends, family and colleagues are going through the same thing my husband and I are, aging parents. Most are telling their parents not […]

The growth of private mortgage lending

Getting a mortgage from a bank has become a bit more challenging, especially for those who are self-employed or have some credit challenges – whether the […]

How the Flood has Changed the Real Estate Landscape

Alberta real estate is booming thanks to the province’s strong economy, but the pockets where the flood damage was severe inhabit a completely disparate reality. A […]

Make sure you qualify for a mortgage

So, you can afford your desired mortgage payment, but do you qualify for it? There are a lot of factors that a lender considers when deciding […]

Decoding the mortgage market

Shop around and do your own research – no one lender has the best rates and terms all the time! Has your real estate agent or […]

Did you know there is a difference between a Mortgage Broker and a bank Mortgage Specialist?

I have mistakenly heard a bank employee, who deals in mortgages, referred to as a ‘Mortgage Broker’, but there is a very big difference between a […]