Time for your Mortgage Renewal – make sure you review before you sign!

Is your current mortgage still competitive? Has there been a change in your job or your family situation? Are you up-to-date on what the market is […]

The ins and outs of mortgage rates

It seems like not a week goes by that a major news story doesn’t rock the Canadian real estate market regarding mortgage rates. While it’s true that […]

Budgeting 101

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Benjamin Tal of CIBC addresses low oil prices

This recent update from Benjamin Tal, Deputy Chief Economist of CIBC World Markets Inc., recently had this to say about the drop in oil prices. The […]
Calgary Real Estate

What’s new in the Mortgage and Real Estate Industries in Calgary?

Calgary’s resale housing market fell just short of setting a new peak for MLS sales during the month of September as the city recorded its highest […]

Did you know that mortgage rates can vary from province to province?

As of today, you could get a 5-year fixed mortgage rate for as low as 2.89% in Alberta. Sounds great, right? Keeping that in mind, though, […]