Budgeting – sounds fun?

Budgeting may not be your favourite subject, but it might just be a necessary part of life in order to ensure that your finances are kept […]
Mortgage: How Much Can I Afford

Mortgage: How much can I afford?

The first question home buyers want to ask when they want a mortgage: “how much can I afford”, but the real first steps in buying a house […]

Household debt increasing … but for good things

Canadian households are carrying more debt on average than they were last year but it is generally as the result of “good” spending. A report from […]

Good Debt vs. Bad Debt – What’s the Difference? by Calgary Mortgage Broker Susan Ashton

If you’ve ever struggled to keep up with all those darn payments-including the credit card and car payments-you’ll want to tune in to this important post! […]

Understanding Your Credit Report

A credit report is a history of how consistently you pay your financial obligations. It is created when you first borrow money or apply for credit and is built over […]

Consumers focused on paying down debt

The holiday bills have already started coming in and many consumers are vowing not to overspend again. They are scrutinizing their finances and have made resolutions […]

Why typical mortgage calculators don’t accurately reflect what you can “afford”

In the age of the internet, consumers are a lot more savvy and do a lot of research on their own as the first step in […]

2014 Financial Goal: Get out of debt!

Well happy New Year all! 2013 was a rough year financially for my family. Between unexpected emergency vet bills and the flood, we took on consumer […]

Naughty or nice? Keeping your holiday spending on track

Holidays can be hard on the wallet. It’s easy to get caught up in the warm feelings of the season and overspend. But with a little […]

Struggling with debt?

Too much debt can effect your ability to qualify for a mortgage or loan.  Reducing the amount of debt you have can be a lengthy process […]

Spring cleaning your debt could save you thousands!

You may not uncover a financial windfall when you’re cleaning the garage this spring, but a little time and attention to the task of spring cleaning […]

How do lenders view your mortgage application?

Have you ever wondered what factors lenders consider to determine if you qualify? Or why it is lenders ask for so much paperwork? Long gone are […]