credit after divorce

Credit after divorce

While the recent article in the Financial Post – ‘No safety net’: How a divorce rips a tornado through your finances, and what to do about it […]

Budgeting – sounds fun?

Budgeting may not be your favourite subject, but it might just be a necessary part of life in order to ensure that your finances are kept […]

How do you get a mortgage if you’re not the ideal borrower?

If you’re a credit-worthy employee at a Fortune 500 company and don’t have much debt, the mortgage world is your oyster. Banks knock on your door […]

Improving your credit may be easier than you think

As a Mortgage Broker I am often amazed at just how many people don’t understand how credit and credit reporting works. When you do what I […]

5 Reasons you can’t get a mortgage

It is the sad reality in our business, unfortunately not everyone who applies, no matter how much they want it, qualifies for the mortgage they are […]

Buying a home? Here are some helpful tips

1. Don’t buy if you can’t stay put If you can’t commit to remaining in one place for at least a few years, then owning is […]

What closing costs can I expect when I buy a home?

There are a number of costs associated with buying a home that you need to be prepared to pay.  Unlike the Mortgage Default Insurance premium, these costs […]

Understanding Your Credit Report

A credit report is a history of how consistently you pay your financial obligations. It is created when you first borrow money or apply for credit and is built over […]

Consumers focused on paying down debt

The holiday bills have already started coming in and many consumers are vowing not to overspend again. They are scrutinizing their finances and have made resolutions […]

2014 Financial Goal: Get out of debt!

Well happy New Year all! 2013 was a rough year financially for my family. Between unexpected emergency vet bills and the flood, we took on consumer […]

Protecting yourself against identity theft and real estate fraud

Most people don’t even consider real estate fraud when they buy a new home so I wanted to take a moment and talk about how real estate fraud […]

Naughty or nice? Keeping your holiday spending on track

Holidays can be hard on the wallet. It’s easy to get caught up in the warm feelings of the season and overspend. But with a little […]