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If you’re like me, the years are flying by faster and faster. Can you believe it’s time to plan for 2018 already? I certainly can’t, yet here we are.

Over the years I’ve used many different Business Plan templates. I’ve gone through a number of Business Planning exercises. I’ve attended a plethora of seminars and workshops. The only tool that I’ve found that really helps me review my goals regularly, throughout the year, is the Momentum Planners from Productive Flourishing.

Why is this planner better than all the rest? I like it because it you can keep them digital. If you strive for a paper-less office, this is key. You can also print them, if that works better for you. Lots of flexibility.

I use the yearly, quarterly and monthly calendars and then transfer actions to my other tools for weekly and daily planning. That’s the other great thing about this planning tool, it’s not all or nothing.

Momentum Planners are designed to help you be truly successful. To do that, you have to focus your energy on the activities and projects that matter.

The Math

In the past, I would spend hours on my business plan and then once the new year hit and things got busy, I didn’t refer back to it. I didn’t keep an eye on my goals, and I didn’t reach them. Remember these alarming stats?

  • You have a 4% chance or reaching your goals, just by simply creating them
  • You have a 44% chance of reaching your goals, if you write them down
  • If you write them down DAILY and share them, you have an 89% chance of reaching them!

So think about your competition for a minute:

  • 83% don’t have goals
  • 14% have a plan in mind, but no written goals
  • 3% have goals written down

I have to tell you, in 2017 I followed this plan and saw evidence that it works! As a team, we did our individual business plans, wrote down our goals, shared them with the other members of the team, and reviewed them quarterly with the team. This year we’re committing to reviewing them at our monthly team meetings because of the huge benefit we saw when we spoke them out loud.

I’m not selling Momentum Planners and don’t get a commission if you buy the planners, but I wanted to take some time and show you something that has really worked for me. If you don’t want to pay the $12, call me, I can help! If you want someone to work through your business plan with, bounce ideas off, and share your goals with (who doesn’t want to be in the 89% group above?), let’s go for coffee!

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