Mirroring and matching

A Realtor once told me that mirroring and matching your client in a client meeting was disingenuous. I’ve thought a lot about that comment over the years and personally, I think she was missing the point.

Mirroring and matching does not mean that we are not ourselves. It simply means that we provide information and communication the way the client best receives and understands it.

Years ago, I met with a couple who were looking at buying a home. She was a Geologist and he was an Artist. While they sound like they would be polar opposites, they were actually very compatible. It was a challenge, however, to present her with enough data and analysis that she would feel comfortable with her decision but keeping him engaged with visual communication tools.

I agree with the writer of this article, “To be clear, the practice of mirroring and matching should never be considered a deceptive sales practice designed to manipulate or overly persuade.” We all learn and communicate differently. Understanding these differences to ensure clients remain engaged is a skill that, once learned, will able you to provide customer service to their clients.

5 Ways to Mirror & Match Client Behaviour, goes into much more detail than I have when talking with other brokers and agents.

Well worth the read!

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