Real Estate Business Plan

Real Estate Professional Business Planning

If you’re like me, the years are flying by faster and faster. Can you believe it’s time to plan for 2018 already? I certainly can’t, yet […]
Mirroring and matching

Tips to Mirroring and Matching your client and why you want to!

A Realtor once told me that mirroring and matching your client in a client meeting was disingenuous. I’ve thought a lot about that comment over the […]
Client Appreciation Events

Client Appreciation Events: Use them to build your business

Client appreciation events can be a cost-effective way to stay in contact with the people they know and increase the likelihood of referrals.  As is very eloquently […]

Real Estate Appraisal: Why do I need one?

Changes in mortgage rules for home buyers and insurers certainly have had an impact on the housing market. These changes have impacted property appraisals as well. Conventional […]
facebook referrals

Grow your referrals: Get more business from Facebook!

There’s a lot of contradicting information out there about how to engage your network on social media, more specifically Facebook. How do you know what’s the […]
real estate farming

10 Real Estate Farming Ideas for Realtors

Do you want to become the agent of choice for a specific community? This is called geographic farming and the concept is to establish and brand […]
Tax tips Real Estate

Tax Tips for Real Estate Professionals

Check out these tax tips for Real Estate Professionals in Canada. It’s that time of year again, the time we all start thinking about taxes and getting […]
Business Plan

REALTORS: The One-Page Business Plan

Are you set for 2017? If you’re not, this simple business plan can be tackled quickly and will keep you on track when referenced throughout the […]
marketing 101

REALTORS: Marketing 101

We all know marketing is essential to stand out from the crowd, attract new clients and add more money to the bottom line. Effective marketing enables […]
grow your real estate business

Grow your Real Estate Business: 30 inexpensive things to do

Looking to grow your Real Estate business? While our market is experiencing tough times right now, just waiting it out isn’t really a business building plan. […]
realtor safety

Realtor Safety Tips for You and Your Clients

In our role, whether it be Mortgage Broker, Realtor or Financial Advisor, we all end up meeting clients that we’ve never met before and we don’t […]
realtor database

REALTORS: Build Your Database

Do you have a plan to systematically stay in contact with friends, family and clients? We’ve all heard that the more people we talk to, the more […]