Mortgage Protection Insurance: The importance of protecting yourself

Your home is the biggest asset you’ll ever own. So how should you ensure your home, and family, is protected should something happen to you?  What […]
Mortgage: How Much Can I Afford

Mortgage: How much can I afford?

The first question home buyers want to ask when they want a mortgage: “how much can I afford”, but the real first steps in buying a house […]

5 reasons why it pays to use a mortgage broker

I realize I’m running the risk of having this come across as a blatant, shameless plug – which it is – but since I’m your trusted […]

When death deals a financial blow

Back in April there was an article in the Globe and Mail that peaked my interest. As Mortgage Brokers, we see the mortgage and life insurance […]

Mortgage life insurance – what is it really?

Simply put, Mortgage Life Insurance is creditor insurance.  What does this mean?  Well, if the borrower dies, the insurance company will repay the balance of the […]