bank of canada announcement

2018 Bank of Canada Interest Rate Announcement Dates

Eight times a year, the Bank of Canada makes interest rate announcements which impact not only the rate you pay when you’re buying, renewing or refinancing […]
prime rate increase

Prime rate increase: Bank of Canada increases key interest rate

The Bank of Canada (BoC) has raised its interest rate by 0.25% this morning. This is the first increase in more than seven years.  Canadians have […]
Calgary Real Estate

Calgary Real Estate Market Showing Stability

Real Estate Update Single family and attached home activity is humming along this spring! Attached properties (ie. duplexes and row houses) are seeing the biggest shift […]
Calgary Real Estate

Calgary Real Estate Market Stabilizing

Real Estate Update For the fourth consecutive month, the Calgary Real Estate market has recorded year-over-year inventory declines. The month of January is 18 per cent […]
2017 Calgary Real Estate

2017 Calgary Real Estate Market Off to a Strong Start

It looks like the 2017 Calgary Real Estate Market is off to a good start, although it’s still early days. December ended on a positive note […]
Calgary Real Estate

Calgary Real Estate Market Update – September 2016

What’s new in the Calgary Real Estate Market this month? We are seeing a significant difference in the performance of the City’s detached and attached and […]
portable mortgage

What is a Portable Mortgage?

A portable mortgage is a special feature that enables you to take your mortgage with you when you move. Of course, you can only do this if […]
Calgary Real Estate

Calgary Real Estate and Rate Update

Sales slowed again in July, for the 20th consecutive month. Not surprising given that there has not been a rebound in the labour market and net […]
lock in my variable rate mortgage

Should I Lock in my Variable Rate Mortgage?

Should you lock in your variable rate mortgage is a question that always stirs up some debate and everyone wants a definitive answer. Of course, anyone […]
five year mortgage rate

Alternatives to a Five Year Mortgage Rate

Did you know that not all mortgage terms are five years and that there are alternatives to a five year mortgage rate? Surprisingly the number one […]
fixed rate mortgage versus variable rate mortgage

Should you choose a fixed rate mortgage or a variable rate mortgage today?

The question of fixed rate mortgage versus variable rate mortgage stays the same, but the answer should, and does, change with the changes in the market. […]
Mortgage Penalties

Hidden trap of Mortgage Penalties

This article is older but does a great job of identifying the often hidden traps in mortgage penalties should a “life event” happen and you need to […]