Successful Realtor

Habits of Successful Realtors

Whether you’re a Realtor trying to model your business after the “big guys” in your industry or your a home buyer/seller looking to enlist the expertise […]

What does every new homebuyer need to know?

Purchasing a home is a significant financial undertaking for anyone. Before you even look at a single property, there are things every new homebuyer needs to […]

5 Reasons you can’t get a mortgage

It is the sad reality in our business, unfortunately not everyone who applies, no matter how much they want it, qualifies for the mortgage they are […]

Decoding the mortgage market

Shop around and do your own research – no one lender has the best rates and terms all the time! Has your real estate agent or […]

Homebuyer mistakes – Mistake #15

Here’s the final tip in this “Buyer Mistakes” series. Mistake #15: Not Following through to THE END The deal has gone through and you are about to take […]

Homebuyer mistakes – Mistake #14

Mistake #14: Screwing Up The Offer It’s not over once you’ve found the house you want. Now you have to make an offer. Some common mistakes at this […]

Homebuyer mistakes – Mistake #13

Mistake #13: Location, Location, Location! Did we mention location? Location is the key. The value of your home is affected by those around you. The home may be […]

Homebuyer mistakes – Mistake #12

Mistake # 12: The Emotional Buyer – Keep your emotions under control.  A lot of homebuyers fall prey to this one – Here are five emotional mistakes first-time home […]

Homebuyer mistake – Mistake #11

Mistake # 11: Buyers Who Don’t Do Their Homework – Check the Zoning It’s important that you check the surrounding area and find out about restrictions, conditions and covenants […]

Homebuyer mistakes – Mistake #10

Mistake # 10: Sloppy Buyers – Have the house professionally inspected. In your agreement with the sellers, one of the conditions should be a favourable report from a house […]

Homebuyer mistakes – Mistake #9

Mistake # 9: Un-represented Buyers – Have your own lawyer! Your agent’s job is to find you a home, not give you legal advice. Keep in mind that […]

Homebuyer mistakes – Mistake #8

Mistake #8: Do-It-Yourself Buyers – Get your own real estate agent! Most of us think of a real estate agent as representing the seller, which they usually do. But […]