Tenants from hell …

This is one of the worst stories of heard from investment property owners. Despite due diligence and having a property management company, they were still scammed. […]

Considering a home with a “mortgage helper”?

Many homes in Vancouver have what is referred to as a “mortgage helper”; that is, the inclusion of a suite or self contained unit, usually situated on […]

How the Flood has Changed the Real Estate Landscape

Alberta real estate is booming thanks to the province’s strong economy, but the pockets where the flood damage was severe inhabit a completely disparate reality. A […]

Protect your home, and your investment!

The terrible flooding in Southern Alberta this year struck an emotional chord with Canadians across the country.  For most families, their home is their largest asset […]

How will the flooding affect the Real Estate market in Alberta?

Sorry for the brief hiatus from this blog but, just as many Albertans, we too were affected by the recent flooding.  We were fortunate that we lost […]