financing condition

Financing Condition: How long should it be?

Most real estate offers include a financing condition, which allows time for the buyer to obtain the necessary financing to complete the purchase. Financing conditions dates […]
why don't i qualify

Why don’t I qualify, I earn enough?

You’ve used the online calculators and you might have even gotten pre-approved by your bank, but now you’ve found your dream property! Next step, get approved […]
financing condition

Financing Condition: What is it and why it’s important?

You’ve found the home of your dreams and put in an offer. On the advice of your professional team, your real estate agent and mortgage broker, […]
rent or buy

Rent or Buy in this economy?

Buying a house is the biggest financial decision most people will ever make, but is buying the right thing to do? Should you rent or buy? […]

Breaking News: More changes to mortgage qualification

Big changes announced Monday for the mortgage industry. Effective October 17, homebuyers with less than 20% down, looking for a fixed term of five years or […]
Mortgage Approval

Mortgage Approval: Can you really afford that mortgage?

Want to obtain a mortgage approval? Remember though, today you want to buy a house: you’re single, with a dog, a decent job and a some […]

How do you get a mortgage if you’re not the ideal borrower?

If you’re a credit-worthy employee at a Fortune 500 company and don’t have much debt, the mortgage world is your oyster. Banks knock on your door […]

What does every new homebuyer need to know?

Purchasing a home is a significant financial undertaking for anyone. Before you even look at a single property, there are things every new homebuyer needs to […]

What is an assumable mortgage?

Typically, when you sell your home you are, essentially, terminating your financing agreement with your bank or lender so that someone else can take over the […]

10 Cardinal rules to know before purchasing a condo

1. Learn what you’re buying Your first order of business when searching out a condo for purchase is learning exactly what it is you’ll be buying. […]

What can we expect from new B-21 Guidelines for Lenders?

This past April, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OFSI) released the draft guidelines for Residential Mortgage Insurance Underwriting Practices and Procedures; or more […]

5 reasons why it pays to use a mortgage broker

I realize I’m running the risk of having this come across as a blatant, shameless plug – which it is – but since I’m your trusted […]