Appraisals made easy!

Changes in mortgage rules for home buyers and insurers certainly have had an impact on the housing market, and those changes impacted property appraisals as well. […]
Calgary Real Estate

What’s new in the Mortgage and Real Estate Industries in Calgary?

Calgary’s resale housing market fell just short of setting a new peak for MLS sales during the month of September as the city recorded its highest […]

Renewing your mortgage? Here’s why you should call me!

Is your mortgage coming up for renewal soon? Did your lender contact you and get you to lock in a rate four months earlier at what seems […]

Policy change for banks good for consumers!

Banks are improving their disclosures on the draw-backs or collateral mortgages – YAY! It’s about time that there more transparency will be required of major banks. Transparency is […]

A solution to refinancing if you don’t qualify in the traditional way

New mortgage rules have definitely had an impact on new home buyers, but those with an existing first mortgage who want to refinance might be in […]

Forecasts say no move in rates until 3rd quarter 2015, at least!

In an interview this week, Stephen Poloz, the Bank of Canada Governor, said that, even if  employment growth strengthens, the central bank has scope to keep interest […]

Did you know that mortgage rates can vary from province to province?

As of today, you could get a 5-year fixed mortgage rate for as low as 2.89% in Alberta. Sounds great, right? Keeping that in mind, though, […]

Getting behind on mortgage payments? We can help

There are times in our lives when the unexpected happens and we find it difficult to cope financially. It could be a job loss, an unexpected […]

Mortgages 101: Prime Rate explained

The best way to learn about mortgages is by talking to an experienced mortgage broker and getting pre-approved before you go house hunting. With a little […]

10 Cardinal rules to know before purchasing a condo

1. Learn what you’re buying Your first order of business when searching out a condo for purchase is learning exactly what it is you’ll be buying. […]

Improving the air quality in your home year-round

Throwing open the windows to let in the fresh air is a sure sign of spring. But there’s more you can do, year-round, to improve air […]

New poll: Borrowers unmotivated to make extra payments on their mortgage

Compared to even six years ago, today’s interest rates are a steal. The discounted 5-year fixed has tumbled more than 2.25 percentage points in that time. […]