Great advice from 34 Mortgage Experts in Calgary!

Last week I got the privilege of being a guest blogger on Calgary Realtor Joe Samson’s blog, along with 33 other experts in the mortgage industry […]

Interest Rate Update – Guest Blog by Pat Duggan

Here is a great blog post from a colleague and high school friend in Ontario in response to the Bank of Canada decreasing the overnight lending […]
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What will be the fallout of low oil prices?

Oil is a major economic influence in Calgary, so the recent price drop is worrying. While we believe there may be some immediate term impact on […]

Considering a home with a “mortgage helper”?

Many homes in Vancouver have what is referred to as a “mortgage helper”; that is, the inclusion of a suite or self contained unit, usually situated on […]

Economy in 2015 good for buying a home!

The outlook for the Canadian economy in 2015 in general is looking rosy. As you know, we are, for the most part, influenced by the US […]

Pay more in taxes or qualify for the lowest rate?

As anyone who is self-employed will attest, their goal, and that of their accountant, is for them to personally pay as little tax as possible. I’m […]

Did the mortgage market do what we thought it was going to do in 2014?

As we all know, predictions and forecasts are all well and good but they usually aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. While I might […]

Should I Refinance My Mortgage?

It’s the holiday season and thinking about your mortgage is likely that last thing on your mind. However, if you’re sitting with a lot of equity […]

What is an assumable mortgage?

Typically, when you sell your home you are, essentially, terminating your financing agreement with your bank or lender so that someone else can take over the […]

Home Renovation Tips

Renovations have been a growing trend for Canadian homeowners, considering the transaction costs involved in selling and re-buying real estate! Motivations for renovations vary; homeowners consider […]

What’s up in the Calgary Real Estate & Mortgage Industries?

Despite being on Desjardin’s “Markets to Watch” list in terms of affordability of our housing market, Calgary resale market continues it’s march upwards. Affordability has decreased […]

Don’t get surprised by penalties!

Hopefully by now I’ve taught you that not all mortgages are created equally. Penalties, in particular, are hard to explain to people and many don’t understand or […]